Welcome to SoulMotion of Joy! Ministries, Inc.

Given the unparalleled time we live in, it is clear Christ is coming back before many people die. Biblical Scriptures say, many during these days will seek death in vain as is happening. Jesus Christ sent His Mother Mary, reincarnated as, Anya Kelly Mary. Of whom, Christ imparted His Wisdom and Power and Authority in alignment with His Will.

Prophetess Anya Kelly Mary is the most notorious prophet this world has known in recent history. She is one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation; prophetically conferred as the Bride of the YHWH||TETRAGRAMMATON. Better known as, the Word of God, Himself; as I AM HE I AM. She is Eve. And Solomon is Adam, Her First Love in YHWH.

As Coronavirus continues to wound, recovery times from its complications tend to be long term. This site seeks to offer prophetic news, spiritual edification and encouragement in support of those suffering tremendous loss in these perilous times. Her Blog, Everlasting Joy, personifies the Father as Joy; only obtainable through His Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ. Almost anyone can receive this gift if their thoughts align with the choice that lies within their heart and resonates with the activation of the gift.