May 27, 2024


Scripture-Based Musical Encouragement, Biblical Teaching, and End Time Prophecy


Welcome to SoulMotion of Joy! Ministries, Inc.

Given the unparalleled time we live in, it is clear the Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah is coming back very soon (Matthew 24). The Holy Bible says, many during these days will seek death but not obtain it until after the Rapture (Revelation 9:6). While, many will never taste death because of being Raptured (Matthew 16:28).

The Lord Jesus Christ sent His Mother Mary, born again in the Holy Spirit as, Prophetess Anya Kelly (Mark 3:35) to warn the world of Her Son’s Second Coming and call the Remnant of Christ to Return and Repent. In the same way Elijah the Prophet was born again in the Holy Spirit as John the Baptist (Matthew 11:14) to pave the way through the wilderness for the First Coming of Jesus Christ (Malachi 4:5).

That which is now already has been, and that which is to be already has been; and God seeks that which has passed by [so that history repeats itself].

Ecclesiastes 3:15

Mary’s Begotten Son of the LORD YHWH JEHOVAH TETRAGRAMMATON, the Lord Jesus Christ, imparted His Wisdom, His Power, and His Authority unto Prophetess Anya Kelly, in alignment with the Word of God to prophesy in the Name of His Father and in the Name of their Begotten Son. She is working on a multi-part testimony that expounds the Revelation received from the Lord Jesus Christ in March 2020, revealing her as the born again Mary Mother of God.

Prophetess Anya Kelly, a retired Rocket Scientist, is the Eighth and final Biblical Prophetess, who will write the prophetic Word of God pertaining to the coming millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the World. She is the Bride of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and her prophecies come from the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:3 through her Groom, the LORD YHWH JEHOVAH TETRAGRAMMATON of the Old Testament (Revelation 19:7) embodying her in the flesh as the First Witness and the Lord Jesus Christ as the Second Witness within Him, His Father; who is the Word of God, Himself (John 1:1). Also known as, I AM THAT I AM (ExodusPI 3:14).

She is recognized by the Lord Jesus Christ as Eve (John 19:26), born again as His Mother Mary, born again as Prophetess Anya Kelly. And Solomon has been prophetically revealed as the Archangel Michael; also known as, Adam (Song of Solomon).

With Coronavirus continuing to wound, and the Coronavirus vaccines adding insult to injury through the sacrifice of aborted children coupled by unvetted science, this site provides prophetic news, spiritual edification, and encouragement to support the Saints in these perilous times.

Prophetess Anya Kelly has another website, called Everlasting Joy, that provides articles personifying the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ as Joy. That is only obtainable through His Holy Spirit. Click the above link to learn how to receive the gift of Everlasting Joy.