May 27, 2024


Scripture-Based Musical Encouragement, Biblical Teaching, and End Time Prophecy


The Time of Jacob’s Trouble Approaches!


The Word of the LORD Jehovah God of Israel in the Lord Jesus Christ came to me concerning the rebellious backslidings of America, saying,

Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ in Me, prophesy to the cities of Thornton, ColoradoDenver, Colorado, and Washington D.C. where all leadership proceeds forth into the land and say unto them:


Thus says the LORD Jehovah God of Israel and Creator of Universes in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Woe to Jerusalem, the great city where Our Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah was crucified! Woe to Mount Zion||Denver, Colorado||America! Continue Celebration of the Jewish feasts, but only for a short while longer. Only Our Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the glorified Messiah and I AM He know the day and the hour of her distress. Her time of suffering will not come swiftly, but her distress will come suddenly; overtaking her with woe, lamentation, and mourning.

I will bring her through the fiery furnace to test her. I will come against her on every side to purify her. Her pride will be turned to humility. In the valley, vapors of voices will rise to the mountaintop and from there, she will be received. I will place her on a foundation of righteousness and justice. And although her enemies who assail her are as numerous as specks of sand on the seashore, suddenly…she will be visited and victoriously redeemed by My outstretched arm. With fire, thunderous lightning, hail and earthquake amidst loud booms and blasts from above.

And the flurry of nations that contend against Jerusalem and her strongholds; vexing her, shall manifest a figment of the imagination. A type of intangible mist of the mind; ever-present, yet never manifesting real. It will be like looking at an object possessing no acceleration through the lens of a rearview mirror; always approaching, yet never arriving. Or like blueprints to build a house that never gets built. This is the fate of all those who contend with Jerusalem.

Go ahead and poke fun at this prophecy if you choose. Regardless of comprehension or ignorance, it will be fulfilled to the astonishment and amazement of believers and naysayers alike. For the peoples are belligerent with blindness; stunned by the spiritual slumber of the subconscious mind. With thoughts constantly floating through without realization of their consequence of action. For I have closed the eyes of the people so they shall not see, hear, or know My divine purpose.

For the vision to discern what this all means has been sealed like vaulted treasure. To one who can read when it is given, he says, I cannot, for it is sealed. And when presented to one who can intelligently discern the truth, he says, I cannot understand.


And then the LORD Jehovah God of Israel in the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me, saying,


Thus says the LORD Jehovah God of Israel and Creator of Universes in the Lord Jesus Christ,

For this is true. This people seek Me as a mere commandment of men; using their mouths as their method of worship but withdraw their hearts far from Me. For surely their fear and reverence for Me are repetitious for the praise of men, void of thought and comprehension.

Therefore, wonder at this: I will again do amazingly marvelous works among this people. And the wisdom of the expert in learning will vanish, so that understanding will be unobtainable.

Woe unto those who seek to obscure their deeds against Me and who work to hide their counsel; who say, who sees what we are doing? Who could possibly know but us?

I mourn your ignorance of the truth! Your perversion has turned your perception of reality inside out. Shall the house be more distinguished than the builder of the house? Shall the food receive more praise than the chef who made it? How then shall the thing that was formed say of its Maker, He has no understanding?

Is it not yet a little while longer before the Euphrates becomes a desert road and the dry places esteemed rivers of joy? In that day, those who are deaf shall hear and those who are blind shall see out from the gloom of their depression the words of this prophecy. The poor and the meek among men shall shout in praise to the Holy One of Israel and Our Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

For the terrible tyrants shall become rubble and the heckler shall hush his mouth. And so shall all those who search out sin as an opportune time to accuse.

So also, those who make the upholders of justice criminals, by words of condemnation. And who set traps at the city’s gate; thrusting aside the innocent and truly righteous with an empty plea.


Thus says the LORD Jehovah God of Israel and Creator of Universes in the Lord Jesus Christ, who redeemed Joseph out of prison, concerning the house of Israel:

Israel shall not be dismayed by shame and disappointment from his children’s lack of obedience. For he will see his children walking the way of righteousness; the work of My hands in his midst. And Israel will revere and fear Me, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and the God of Israel. Those who walk in darkness will come into the light of understanding and those who babble in discontent will become teachable.

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