January 19, 2021


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Stock Market News and Reporting 12/22/20

December 22, 2020 22:57 NYST – Between festivities related to Chanukah and artificially inflated oscillatory fluctuations in the stock market from the Federal Reserve during stimulus talks in Washington D.C., our reporting activities have been stayed.

From December 7, 2020 through December 18, 2020 the DOW JONES Industrial (DOW), NASDAQ (NDAQ), and Standard & Poor’s (S&P 500) composite indices dropped 132 points (0.43%), and gained 222 points (1.8%) and net zero points, respectively.

On Friday, Congress passed a stopgap spending bill to keep funding flowing through government entities and contractors while negotiations continued. And late Monday, the US Congress approved the COVID19 relief spending bill clearing it to go to king @Trump of America, the New Babylon at the @WhiteHouse for his signature. The $900 billion dollar COVID19 relief spending bill includes $600 per person and $300 a week in extended unemployment benefits; as well as, an extension on the eviction moratorium until January 31, 2021 amongst various other types of wasteful spending measures for the filthy rich @Trump loyalists.

However late Tuesday, the nation was struck with more @Trump Terror, as the most corrupt US President in history indicated he may VETO the relief bill needed to provide sustenance for many starving American children and out of work adults due to Coronavirus. Shame on you @Trump for betraying the American people you were elected to serve!

The two out of the three major stock indices on Wall Street are in a shallow tumble that will get worse unless politicians on Wall Street continue artificially inflating it. However, the economic hot air balloon gets more unstable with each pump of hot air, making the markets more sensitive to collapse from an inflation implosion. The DOW JONES Industrial (DOW) (featured image at top), NASDAQ (NDAQ), and Standard & Poor’s (S&P 500) was down 201 points (0.7%), up 65 points (0.5%), down 8 points (0.2%) on Tuesday, respectively @nyse.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: To protect yourself and your loved ones, consider converting the US Dollar (USD) to Canadian currency (CAD). We have been urging that you watch the markets carefully and when the climate surrounding markets gets very volatile, convert your currency. The US Dollar (USD) is heavily inflated and its stored value is becoming more and more unstable everyday. The website that converts currency without an international bank account is https://www.transferwise.com.