Stock Market Reporting Midweek 9/10/20

Stock Market Reporting Midweek 9/10/20

September 10, 2020 14:39 NYDT – DOW JONES Industrial composite index slides down to 0.27% in losses, despite its stock value being up 0.88% in gains for the week. The Euro rose 0.8% after European Central Banks decided to not support further Coronavirus stimulus aid. While the Dollar fell 0.5% after Republicans’ skinny bill ($300 billion vs $3 Trillion in aid proposed by Democrats) fails in the Senate.

Google (GOOG) volatility is up over 4% this week, despite analysts overwhelmingly rating the stock a hot buy; leading 0.4% in gains.


Microsoft (MSFT) is teaming up Nutanix on its Azure platform to establish a new hybrid cloud solution that eliminates separate management of private and public cloud data. Directly causing growing competitiveness against Amazon’s cloud services.


Tesla (TSLA) dumped $5 billion in stock during a sell off on Tuesday only to see the stock value completely rebound to over 5% in gains by Thursday’s stock market open.


Quick rebounds to tech stocks indicate investors believe in the stock’s robustness and perceive the stock values are not overrated @nyse.


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